Dreams or Goals

Dreams or is it Goals

Over the years I have heard many people say that you need to dream big.  Then others say dreams are goals without deadlines.  I believe whatever you decide either Dreams or Goals they do need to be written down. Once written down you do need to view them on a regular basis. By writing down your dreams or goals they become more clear for you.   Otherwise you have a blurry focus.  Blurry view gets blurry dreams or goals, or clear focus gets clear dreams or goals.

For many years I didn’t write down any of my dreams or goals.  I kept them all in my head.  Guess what …… they were blurry viewed dreams or goals.  A number of years ago I commenced reading some positive self development books and read about writing down those dreams and goals.  I did write them down, then viewed those dreams on an irregular basis, however most of  those dreams still came true.

Reward for Personal AchievementContinued Growth

I found for my continued growth that I needed to keep writing down my dreams or goals to take me to the next step of my wealth creation.  If not I seem to flounder and felt like a “bobbing cork” out of control on a river. Once I got close to achieving those dreams or goals I found it imperative to stretch myself for those bigger dreams or goals.  This has helped me with continued personal self development and in helping others.

Steps to Realising your Dreams

  1. Decide what are your dreams or goals
  2. Then you would need to assess your finances
  3. Reduce bad debt
  4. Create good debt i.e. investing in either property, share or other income producing activities
  5. Build wealth in order to be able to realise your dreams or goals
  6. Take action towards fulfilling those dreams or goals.

My Dreams

Some of my dreams are:

  • Being and living a healthy lifestyle
  • Traveling the World – seeing and experiencing many different cultures
  • Being able to spend quality time with my family
  • Be a fantastic Women and Money role model for my grand children
  • Help other people to achieve financial independence and reach their full potential
  • Donate to charities that fit my criteria of teaching others to design their lives and help others
  • To be part of a Cause that helps people realise that they do have control of their lives. Dreams - Goals for Women and MoneyTrust that you will enjoy the journey of wealth creation.  Hope during that journey you will find your full potential in what you wish to achieve and be of service to others.  In doing so you will reap many rewards and will then have many choices and be able to realise your dreams.

What are your dreams?  You may like to leave a comment below.

Have a “very brilliant” day.

Virginia Bergman (VB)


  1. This article is all about empowering women in their life and personal development.

  2. All we need is focus to achieve a life long dream.

  3. Great post! The best thing to do in life is have dreams and goals. I have a lot of the same as you do. My biggest dream is to see all 5 of our children attend college and graduate with honors. I am currently a full-time IT student myself and love showing them that it doesn’t matter your age, you can achieve your goals if you set your mind and heart to it.


    • Virginia says:

      Thank you Victoria, an excellent dream. Yes, agree with you…whatever your age you can achieve your goals. It is being clear on what you want to achieve and to keep focusing on them.

      Have a Very Brilliant day. :)
      Virginia (VB)

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